Voice of the Faithful - Santa Barbara Area

WELCOME to Voice of the Faithful - Santa Barbara Area (VOTFSBA). We are a local chapter of the worldwide movement by the laity to share responsibility for the well-being of our Church. We believe that we are the very body of Christ, God's holy people. We feel called to be at the table where decisions are made as well as around the table where the Eucharist is celebrated.
      The mission of VOTF is "to provide a prayerful voice, attentive to the Spirit, through which the faithful can actively participate in the governance and guidance of the Catholic Church." 
      We, the faithful of the Santa Barbara area, hope to further in our time and place the three goals of the VOTF: to support those who have been abused, to support priests of integrity, and now more than ever to shape structural change within the Church. In the fall of 2013, our chapter became a constituent member of the "Catholic Church Reform" movement, a global community supporting decentralization of the Church.
     Please explore our Web site, pray with us, and get in touch if you live in this area and agree with our mission and goals. Finally, please have a look at our Leadership Team's Reports to appreciate the depth of concern and commitment behind this effort. See our recently formulated Statement of Rights and Responsibilities of Catholics to get an idea of our developing thought on matters of Church governance.

"Keep the Faith, change the Church."

Questions/comments to: webkeeper@votfsba.org

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